Monday, January 24, 2011

Garden Managers & Landowners

Hello Urban Farmers!
I think we have come up with a good strategy. Next Saturday 29th at 3PM  we will have our next meeting.

Allan at Anything Grows has been generous enough to let us use their space in the basement (where the Slow Food Market is held on Sundays)

It is for anyone interested in finding out more about the project, landowners as well as those who are interested in being a 'Garden Manager' this growing season. 
So please come if you can!
Allotments/Private Plots:
The majority of the project will be us working together on gardens to keep them going - but there is also scope for people who would just like to have a small allotment in someone's yard or have a small allotment for someone else to use. Currently one such plot is available.
Garden Managers:
No Experience is Required! Just time commitment of 2+hours/week and an email account.
A Garden Manager's Responsibility will be to monitor the needs of their plot and arrange appropriate times for work with the property owner. The needs will vary through the season but as Garden Manager you will commit to keeping that garden going.

You would be expected to notify of the dates & times you will be at the garden and the task to be undertaken. This information would be added to a weekly schedule and sent out to the volunteers.
Volunteers will come out as and when they can, we have shown that this method can be very successful with our garden preps in the Fall of 2010.

You can act as Garden Manager for your own garden too! (This is a great way to have help getting started gardening and keeping your garden lively)

There is also the option of having a pair or team to share responsibilities of Garden Manager for one garden (in case of holidays etc). On the other hand you are free to take on more than one garden if you are able. This project is very flexible - we want to make it successful, so whatever works for you will work for us!

The more gardens we can take on, the more produce we can share!

If you have an area of garden you are interested in lending to the project, (and do not yet have a Garden Manager) Please write a brief outline of the amount of space to be used, the location and any information about shade/drainage/soil type that you think would be useful.
(email it to or bring it to the next meeting!)

We will allow then potential Garden Managers to choose what locations work best for them. (after having a chance to meet you too!)
Our primary focus is 'walking distance' to downtown Stratford. This will be accessible for the most volunteers.

Some of our members have started a youtube channel (straturbanfarms), and are going to be putting up video of our experiments, events & interviews. The purpose of having a video channel is to reach out to more locals and possibly start a friendly competition with other communities. We have started recording, but have yet to edit and post.

Our Blog is for any member who would like to contribute to put their perspective out there. It is a combination of information & stories about the project, events, and photos. As a collaborative blog it is open to all members' input!


8 Locations with Garden Managers
3 Locations without Garden Mangers

Thank you for your support - I'm excited to get growing!

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