Sunday, February 20, 2011

Slow Food Market Success!

Chris bakes bread & Madison minding the stall

Having a stall at the Sunday Slow Food Market has been a great success! We have sold out 4 out of 5 weeks. (we had 1 loaf and a couple buns left one week!)

The net profit in 2011 so far is $39.35*. This is great news because we are very shortly going to be buying seeds for the season. We predict that the market profits will cover seeds & supplies we purchase over the next couple of months by the end of April 2011. Just in time for planting!

*excludes supplies purchased in 2010, labour exchange for kitchen space (approx value $40/week!) & has relied on many volunteer hours baking & minding the stall

Thank you for everyone who has helped out so far & everyone enjoying the bread!

Yummy Bread for sale to cover the costs of the Urban Farming Experiment

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  1. It was great finding out about Stratford Urban Farming yesterday at Anything Grows! I look forward to reading the blog and seeing how the upcoming seasons are successful!