Friday, May 27, 2011

Experiment Evaluation: Ideas for Improvment

So it has been a slow start to the season as I've mentioned in my most recent email

-the weather has not been very agreeable and it seems like many people excited to garden are busy with all the great things going on.

Although we have 15 gardens confirmed this is the count so far:
3.5 are ready for planting 
4.5 have been planted
1 garden = allotment has been planted
1 garden scheduling a dig this week

What happened?

- We have not been holding meetings (I felt that we could meet while we garden - less talk more action) It seems like meetings have better attendance than some of the garden events.

- Life getting in the way: although none of the gardens have cancelled I think many people have been otherwise occupied and unavailable

- I am waiting to hear about set up times/ help times from a few Garden Managers who are managing their own yard.

- In the planning of the method, we required Garden Managers taking responsibility for other people's  yards. This was to spread out administration of project to make it more effective and less reliant on one organizer.  I have had no G.M. until now - We have recently confirmed 1 new garden manager & working on a second.

- Limited volunteer support - some days we have 10 turn out, many days it is myself and one other.

- I have been busy working on The Co-op (a soon-to-be source of sustainable income) and have had limited availability. Because of this and the limited volunteer support I have been choosing times to garden based on my availability - may not be ideal for most volunteers.
Maybe next year....

Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Video on YouTube!

Thanks to Madison for making this video about the project so far.

As for gardening, it seems like the weather is not on our side! 

Next blog will be a reflection and evaluation of the Experiment so far and brainstorming ways to improve for the rest of the season & next year.