Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Seedlings have popped up!

Although we have taken on less gardens than anticipated they are growing and the project is still on!

Thank you to all of the homeowners who are taking on most of the work in their yards!

We should have some radishes and garlic scapes to share over the next few days - You will be able to find them at Your Local Market Co-op (129 Downie Street), just ask about SUFE's surplus.

The Slow Food Market has been the main  activity for us (which is strange as it is not really urban farming at all)

As we have been able to raise lots of funds for the project so I would like to use the surplus from the sales over the next few weeks to support the House of Blessing.

I have asked them about a few different options - but I will post more details as I have them.

I hope everyone is enjoying their gardens!
I hope to get a photo of each of the gardens soon!