Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Free Rose Plant

We have one rose plant to give away to a SUFE Facebook fan.... add photos to the Stratford Urban Farming Experiment group either of your garden/ local food/ your meal made from some local food/ SUFE event - Best Photo Wins a rose plant to pick up in Stratford

Also there is another Free Rose plant available for the first person to mention @straturbanfarms on twitter

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Garden Frenzy

Stratford St. Garden - Before

Getting compost for the garden

Stratford St. Garden - Before

Getting the garden winter ready - cardboard, compost & leaves

Carrots Nicole picked for her horse.

This week has flown by - the first garden prep party last Sunday and this week gardens prep-ped on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thank you for all of the help & cardboard/compost/leave donations!

Monday, October 18, 2010

CANOE - Lifewise Food & Drink: Eating local

CANOE - Lifewise Food & Drink: Eating local

"To make more locally grown food available, one young eco-preneur has adopted an old practice for a new paradigm. Twenty-five year old Heather Walker has resurrected the concept of share-cropping. Once used in the American South in times of economic hardship, Walker’s idea is ready-made for those who want to be part of the overall solution to building the food supply.
With her effort, called Stratford Urban Farms, Walker wants to use the yards of friends and neighbours to grow vegetable patches. The land is supplied by the homeowner; the seed is either supplied by them or purchased through funds raised by Walker; the labour is supplied by a team of volunteers. Walker hopes to have 10 to 15 garden plots spread throughout parts of Stratford, Ontario and 10 to 20 volunteers to help maintain them. The resultant crops will be shared among the landowners, the volunteers and Walker, and the remainder will go to local food banks."

First Garden Prep Party

Was a great success - thank you for coming & helping - thank you to the neighbours on East Gore street for sharing their leaves

I had a great time, and was impressed at how much we all got done without feeling like I did that much.

17 Sufe-ers in total - I can't wait to see how this evolves next summer!

our expert shows us how to plant garlic

pot luck lunch & dinner

Thank you to Drea for taking the photos!

Friday, October 15, 2010

The word is spreading... Thanks for posting about the project!

Thank you for all of the interest - I think I have committed to as many gardens as I can until I evaluate the volunteer situation in the spring.
There are 9 gardens + 1 or 2 small additional plots for volunteers & I would like to use some of our volunteer time to help out with Steve Stacey's 3-sister's school gardens.

If you are interested in attending our first Garden Prep Party/Pot Luck it will be this Sunday ( October 17th) from 1pm-5pm bring some food to share - a shovel & compost if you have them....

We will be digging up a bit of garden and planting onions and garlic.

Please contact me via email to get the address if you are interested in attending!

Kerry McManus

Jill Worthington

Drea Kerr

Lesley Walker-Fitzpatrick

Barb & Alan (Stratford Daily Photo)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Meet & Greet Handout

Stratford Urban
Farming Experiment
What's the big idea :   to demystify vegetable growing & make home grown food accessible to everyone in our urban centre

Goals for This Fall:
       choose 10 – 15 spaces in the front/back yards of generous landowners in Stratford
       draw out plans for each garden
       prep the land for spring (tilling or no-dig method)
       plant garlic / onions
       scout out potential volunteers and meet lots of interesting people wanting to develop a more sustainable Stratford
Goals for 2011 Season:
       grow beautiful vegetable gardens in 10 – 15 back yards
       recruit 10-20 (or more) volunteers to help maintain the gardens
       plant many seeds & seedlings & watch food grow
       share vegetables with volunteers/landowners
       donate vegetables to house of blessing/salvation army
       sell vegetables
       preserve vegetables
       participate in a front-yard veggie garden tour
       participate in Savour Stratford?

I am very excited for suggestions and interested to see what directions this project will go in.
Ideal Landowners would have a sunny space in their front or back yard and willing to give it up for vegetables.

I expect many landowners will be interested as a result for the 2011 season  preference will go to:
       those who are interested in assisting in maintenance
       yards close to downtown core

(I am only willing to commit to 10-15 gardens until the spring where I may add on a few depending on volunteer support.... I also plan on expanding in the 2012 Season)

       No experience necessary / experience welcomed
       volunteer as little as one day a week to water & weed one garden (or as much as you like)
        people willing to commit to the entire season (spring – fall)
       you will get vegetables!

(I would also be excited to set more experienced volunteers up with a plot of their own)

Pot Luck & Garden Prep Party

Time to get to work on garden #1

Pot Luck Lunch on Sunday October 17th from 10am-5pm pop in when ever you can to enjoy some shared lunch & help prepare Drea+Mike's garden.

We will be doing a combination of the no-dig method as well as the regular-old dig method....

We hope to plant some garlic & onions  while we are there!

Bring some food- Bring a shovel- Bring some compost..... anyone have manure?

Can't wait to see everyone again!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010