Thursday, October 7, 2010

Meet & Greet Handout

Stratford Urban
Farming Experiment
What's the big idea :   to demystify vegetable growing & make home grown food accessible to everyone in our urban centre

Goals for This Fall:
       choose 10 – 15 spaces in the front/back yards of generous landowners in Stratford
       draw out plans for each garden
       prep the land for spring (tilling or no-dig method)
       plant garlic / onions
       scout out potential volunteers and meet lots of interesting people wanting to develop a more sustainable Stratford
Goals for 2011 Season:
       grow beautiful vegetable gardens in 10 – 15 back yards
       recruit 10-20 (or more) volunteers to help maintain the gardens
       plant many seeds & seedlings & watch food grow
       share vegetables with volunteers/landowners
       donate vegetables to house of blessing/salvation army
       sell vegetables
       preserve vegetables
       participate in a front-yard veggie garden tour
       participate in Savour Stratford?

I am very excited for suggestions and interested to see what directions this project will go in.
Ideal Landowners would have a sunny space in their front or back yard and willing to give it up for vegetables.

I expect many landowners will be interested as a result for the 2011 season  preference will go to:
       those who are interested in assisting in maintenance
       yards close to downtown core

(I am only willing to commit to 10-15 gardens until the spring where I may add on a few depending on volunteer support.... I also plan on expanding in the 2012 Season)

       No experience necessary / experience welcomed
       volunteer as little as one day a week to water & weed one garden (or as much as you like)
        people willing to commit to the entire season (spring – fall)
       you will get vegetables!

(I would also be excited to set more experienced volunteers up with a plot of their own)

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