Saturday, January 8, 2011

About SUFE - Updated for sheets at the Farmer's Market

A new-to-town initiative comprised of many passionate volunteers interested in learning together about how to make urban agriculture work here in Stratford. Our aims are all different,
some of us want to learn how to grow produce, some want their yards put to better use, some are striving to help create a more sustainable Stratford and others enjoy a good excuse to get out and meet new people.

We embrace collaborative, pro-active decision making and direct, ad-hoc democracy. Decisions are made as and when they need to be made, by whoever is participating at that moment. We strive to spend less time organizing the participants and more time participating. A 'facilitator' keeps us on track, up-to-date and works to keep up the momentum.

We feel this is an empowering structure for each of us as individuals and will allow everyone to take the project in whichever direction(s) they want to.

How to become a member:
Show up & participate.

Urban Produce:
The bulk of the project is based on growing vegetables in residential yards. We have confirmed about 9 gardens and plan on confirming a few more (depending on volunteer support) in the spring. With this initiative, you can provide some yard space, or your time to help prepare & maintain gardens and in return we all get vegetables.

Each garden is different, plots can be donated to be used by an individual gardener who would like an 'allotment' to take care of. Most of the gardens will be more collective projects. We strongly believe many hands make light work.

For each garden a 'garden manager' arranges time/day for work-parties (flash-mob-gardening with permission) depending on what is required for that garden each week and what suits the landowners. They will send the details to the facilitator who will send on details about all upcoming gardening activities. You can choose to come to which ever location/time/day suits you, and as frequently as you like.

Farmer's Market:
The purpose of having a stall at the Slow Food Market is to create more awareness, but also as means of fund-raising for the project. We aim to be a financially self-sufficient project as to not require membership-fees and donations to keep us going. It will also be a great outlet for surplus produce (in season) and canned items from preserves events.

Anyone can plan an event for the project. Here are some of the events:
Meet & Greet October 4th 2010 – a chance to meet others interested and talk about ideas
Garden Prep-Party&Pot-Luck October 17th 2010- share the work & some food
Ignite Stratford November 25th 2010 - Heather spoke on a more sustainable Stratford
Meet & Greet December 14th 2010 – meet new people interested and evolve the project
Drinks @ Fosters January 7th 2011 – meet up and great conversation
Brunch @ Bruce's January 9th 2011 – bring something to share or not, enjoy conversation
All Ages MICROGREEN Day January 16th 2011– learn with us how to start up microgreens

All events are informal and inclusive - join the mailing list to be kept in the loop!

(Email and ask to be added to the list!)

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