Sunday, April 15, 2012

Starting Slow... The Experiment 2012

Last year there were too many gardens to viably maintain so this year we have changed it up for Year 2 of the Experiment!

Garden 1
Garden 1. is the same plot as last year. It's development is tbd - but are thinking to include a diversity of plants to encourage birds, butterflies and bees to visit as well as a selection of herbs.

Garden no. 2 is a from scratch project. We are acquiring as many pallets as we possibly can to set up a compost bay, raised beds... and try a few other experiments along the way.

We will set up a water collection system that will completely eliminate the use of fresh water for outdoor use.

Garden no. 2 - so far
For year 2. we are going to try more of a 'how to' approach - posting videos on Youtube sharing trials of the experiment in video format.

We hope to include:

Building with Pallets
Water Collection System
Espalier Fruit Trees
Raised Beds

Your Experiment 2012:
 If you are experimenting in your yard in Stratford (or even just growing a few veggies) Please Share! We hope to get more participants working on their own yards to help out by blogging or posting photos on the Facebook Page.

Everyone can experiment! Let's share the great things happening in Stratford!!

(for those who volunteer to help with the Blog and Facebook SUFE will help with some of your gardening costs - providing seeds, plants, rain barrels)

interested? email or send a message on facebook

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