Saturday, December 18, 2010

Stratford Composting Initiative

Hi everyone. As per Heather's request I'm finally going to make public some of the gems we've come up with in our brainstorming.

The way I first imagined the Stratford Composting Initiative was to have one central location for composting kitchen scraps from restaurants and homes in Stratford. The idea was that we would collect it from downtown drop-offs and take it to a farm outside the city to be recycled into fertile and productive soil. Right away we ran into some logistical difficulties, the first being a composting site and the second being an ecologically benign type of transportation. Here is an example of that model being employed in Washington, DC:

All this thinking got us onto the idea of site-specific composting, kind of like a bunch of backyard composters all over the city that will be maintained by us. We're in the process of securing our first site now and we'd like to gradually add to our colony of composters.

We are also playing with the idea of worm composting. I have the materials and will be bringing a worm colony into the city in January.

I'm excited about this project. I'm hoping that it will not only be a step towards a more sustainable Stratford but a community building and educational pursuit as well.

Also, if you have access to buckets with lids that seal please save them for us.

Thank you for showing such an interest at the last Meet and Greet for SUFE. If you want to be added to the updates list or are interested in composting with us email me at stratfordcompost at gmail dot com.

Take care and remember, food scraps are not waste they're just really young soil.



  1. We might have an accessible downtown location for a compost site. I wonder who I should call....

  2. to Dr. D please send an email to stratfordcompost @

    very excited to hear about this possible location!